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-f-l will announce todf the city is in the running o host the event. >>> good morning, everyone. it is 6:00 and the nfl will announce today if san francisco is in the running to host a super bowl. >> reporter: we are not just talking about any super bowl. san francisco wants to host super bowl 50, a huge anniversary for the nfl that would include more than a week of events and celebrations. this is how this would work out. all the festivities would happen in san francisco. the actual game at the new 49ers stadium would be 40 miles down the road in santa clara. it's expected to open in 2014 and a stadium has to exist for two seasons to host the super bowl. san francisco is hoping to bid ant 2016 and 2017 games. the only super bowl in the bay area was in 1985 at stanford. the mayor submitted the application back in august and this is what's next. today nfl will announce which cities are in the running. if san francisco is one of them, it will host a plan on may 7th of next year. two weeks later the city will make a presentation to the 32 nfl owners. just to give you an idea, hosting a supe
's the best day to be a san francisco giants fan. >> certainly the right colors. city will be all decked out in black and orange for today's big victory parade. that starts in just a couple of hours and people already packing trains and buses to get into the city. we have live team coverage. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec on the left with beefed up patrols for the rowdy fans but first we kick it off with cate caugiran along the parade route with people already staking out seats for the parade. isn't that right? i can see them behind you. >> reporter: you think we wake up early? true giants fans wake up earlier than us. people are already lining up on market street where the parade route will begin so they have been here and ready for it and so has the city. the city has been setting up. you can take a look they have been working nonstop to set up the big stage for our world series champs at the civic center plaza. giants president larry baer, bruce bochy, pablo sandoval will be given speeches. bay area transit groups have been hard at work with all hands on deck. they have been advising fans al
captions by: caption colorado >>> we're live in union city where firefighters are still on the scene after a four-alarm fire ripped through an apartment complex. we'll hear from one of those business owners coming up. >> plus, sheriff mirkarimi getting his job back. how he hopes to mend the big divide now at city hall. >> rain and thunderstorms in the bay area. we'll have details coming up. >> a commute takes you towards san francisco. we get a new accident reported on the upper deck of the bay bridge. details on that coming up. >> good morning, it is wednesday, october 10. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. we begin with some breaking news out of union city. >> firefighter injured, several businesses damage at a strip mall there. and cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us. cate, i hear those business owners have got some tough news this morning, right? >> reporter: yes, that's right. i actually spoke to a couple of them still here sort of watching firefighters. as you can see, they are on scene hosing down making sure th
,000 flights across the country have been canceled. ines ferre has the latest in new york city. >> reporter: thousands of new yorkers today are without power and the southern part of manhattan is virtually shut down. >>> reporter: a storm surge nearly 14 feet high pushed ashore flooding hundreds of miles of coastline from virginia to massachusetts. >> it's the most flooding i have seen in all the years i have lived here. >> reporter: floodwater and high winds have knocked out power to millions of people. >> we are seeing a large number of fires caused by downed wires and electrical problems relating to outages. >> reporter: more than 200 firefighters are still battling a blaze in an evacuation in queens. more than 50 homes have already been destroyed. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. and power outages prompted a mass evacuation from nyu hospital when a backup generator failed. dozens of ambulances lined up to evacuate more than 200 patients throughout the early- morning hours and extra help was called in to help move patients. >> we have 50 firefighters coming here as well
to survive. no suspects so far. >>> major disruptions at the oakland city council. the second time in two weeks it happened last night and cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran in oakland where i understand the issue is a deadly police shooting. cate. >> reporter: frank, that's right. that's why things got so heated and so emotional at last night's city council meeting. now, this group of protestors shut down the city council meeting -- [ signal breakup ] -- came back last night with a vengeance. >> reporter: protestors were locked out. they came to speak out against the shooting of alan bluford, a teen they say was armed with a gun when miguel masso shot him dead. last night they were banned from sitting in the rafters and protestors claimed the city crushed their first amendment rights but city leaders say they put these in place for security reasons. >> i think it's a rule that's always been very clear that if the crowd is too large for the room, then you establish a secondary place where people can watch. >> there are open seats all over this room and they have these doors closed because they
buildings suffered similar damage including city hall following an antiwar rally. about 200 demonstrators met at frank ogawa plaza for a march through downtown to mark the 11th anniversary of the start of the war in afghanistan. by 8:15 they dispersed. then there was vandalism on various buildings in the area. oakland residents are fed up with this type of behavior that costs the city money. >> it doesn't make any sense. the bank doesn't have anything to do with the war. oakland has enough budget problems that this creates more problems in oakland when oakland is not the place make the decisions. they need to gowashington or to go to washington or other areas. >> reporter: there is a lot of clean-up to do. elissa harrington, cbs 5. >>> police in san francisco arresting 20 -- arresting 20 people over the weekend after vandalism on saturday afternoon. officers were hit by flares, bags of paint, some of those containing rocks. police believe some of those involved were at the mission a couple of weeks ago. >>> a small group of "occupy" san jose camped out in front of the city hall since sund
sounds like a disaster flick. a killer storm takes aim at big u.s. cities but this is real. >> this is very real. hurricane sandy is posed to strike the east coast within hours. it's already wreaking havoc. monster waves. high winds and authority ies are taking no chances at this point shutting down a number of flights, subways, and trains in the greater northeast and eastern sea board as well. >> we have team coverage on hurricane sandy in just a minute. >> but, first how about those giants? they are storming their way through the post season all the way to another world championship. >> got him looking. and the giants have won it all. >> they sure did. the giants completed the sweep of the tigers with a 4-3 winner in 10 innings. let the champaign go. most of the celebrations in san francisco were peaceful, some turned violent after the game ended. a number of fires were set in the streets of the mission district. kate is there now with the latest. >> she's checking the mess the fans left behind. there was debris in the street behind you earlier. >> reporter: it's still th
:04. hundreds gathered under the city hall rotunda in san francisco last night to remember ambassador chris stevens. ♪ [ music ] stevens was killed last month in an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. among those at yesterday's memorial service were mayor ed lee and senator dianne feinstein. the libyan ambassador to the united states expressed his government's regret. >> we're very sorry. you send us one of your best diplomats but unfortunate will not be able to protect him. >> he said stevens was a good diplomat because he was interested in the lives of the libyan people. during the service has younger sister anne said his optimism inspired her to learn about the middle east. chris stevens of course a graduate of cal and grew up in piedmont and a good guy. i went to college with him. >> you were there at the service. >> i was there. i was really touched. his two sisters are doctors, his brother is a very good attorney. they both spoke. and a lot of laughter, george schultz former secretary of state, 92, got up there and just brought it all home. he was amazing. and the ambas
with the hype and excitement and city leaders say in order to enjoy your day, they have a plan in place for you to get around. now, we can expect to see thousands of giants and tigers fans early this morning. first pitch isn't until 5:07 but free game activities start at 1:30. there will be plenty of ways to get to and from the city today. vallejo baylink ferry will have a ferry for each game of the series this week. mta is scheduling eight additional baseball shuttles to the ballpark starting about three hours before the game. bart will be running longer trains and additional event trains. also have extra staff on hand to help customers navigate bart. and mayor lee says they have been working overtime to make sure that they are ready. >> we're having to go about our work in a very time constrained way to make sure that everyone who comes here whether it's to our airport or to muni and public transportation all are taken care of. >> now, if you are planning to take any of these objections to get to at&t park transit leaders are encouraging you to buy your tickets ahead of time. each form of tra
of contracting with outside law enforcement agencies to increase presence on city streets. city officials are considering paying for sheriff's deputies and highway patrol officers to work in oakland for several months. after that cadets should finish their training at the police academy. crime in the city is up this year and there are about 200 fewer officers than there were 4 years ago. >>> oakland police hope some surveillance video will help solve a murder case from almost a year ago. charles butler was killed the morning of december 22, 2011, after bumping the fender of another car in the city's north side. the video shows two suspects arguing with butler, who is seen in the white hoodie there, in a convenience store. investigators say the two men later followed butler and shot him a few blocks away. >> not only are they murderers, they are thieves. they stole my brother's future. i mean, he was on his way to doing good things. >> police hope to hear from anyone who can help identify those two suspects. >>> a speedy thief got away with cash after a daring midday robbery. he jumped ove
at city hall for months now. mirkarimi has been fighting for his job. the mayor wants him out and it's up to the board of supervisors who will vote today and decide whether he stays or goes. what happens could set a precedent for misconduct cases in the future. sheriff ross mirkarimi was elected into office back last fall. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor related to a domestic violence dispute that left his wife with a bruised arm. that incident happened on new year's eve. now nine months later we could find out if he stays or goes for official misconduct. his wife eliana lopez showed her neighbor a bruised arm which you can see in this video after her husband grabbed her during an argument. mirkarimi was sentenced to three years' probation, fined and ordered to undergo counseling. he was also placed on unpaid leave by mayor ed lee. since then, mirkarimi has been fighting for his job. his attorney says that the marital incident has nothing to do with his role has sheriff and he was also voted in. mayor lee wants him out taking steps to permanently remove him saying that mirkarimi's guil
they are on the way to the motor city for the next three games. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is at at&t park where the giants won but it was a pitcher's duel until the 7th or 8th inning. right, anne? >> reporter: two wins down two more to go. the giants are leaving on a private charter plane from sfo at 10:00 this morning headed to detroit. now, one of the star players from last night was certainly madison bumgarner. he was brilliant, post-season high 8 strikeouts allowing just two hits through 7 shutout innings but still no score. 7th inning bases loaded for brandon crawford who hit the ground ball to infante who decided not to come home instead getting the double play but hunter pence scores. giants lead 1-0. bottom of the 8th pence this time tow plate with the bases loaded does the job with the flyball to right to even up the score to score angel pagan that make it 2-0. >> can you describe what hunter brought to the team emotionally? lots have been written about the speeches. can you give us a sense? >> i don't think we have enough time for that. i mean, i hope he is here
of the city florence & the machine performing in mountain view, madonna in san jose, justin bieber is in town. we also got a cal game so, whew, there's just so much going on! ! it makes me exhaust the just to talk about it. so it's going to be a busy weekend. use mass transit if you can. bart ferries muni are all stepping up service. bart told us they have not seen such numbers since they shut the bay bridge down and the giants victory parade a huge record setting day for bart. bart had two of its top ten ridership days already this week and they expect the numbers to go through the roof this weekend. san francisco's mayor says they can handle all the crowds and we're good to go for this weekend. so hopefully, traffic-wise, this is the calm before the big storm happening this weekend. for the latest on traffic conditions on the roads let's go inside to gianna. >> thank you. should be a very fun weekend in san francisco. in fact, most of the bay area. so far, we are not seeing too much this friday morning as far as accidents go. however, the bay
into the triple digits. well above average for this time of year. about 99 in concord. and 86 degrees in the city of san francisco. more on your weather coming up. let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >> we have a pretty average commute shaping up right now. we're starting to see quite a bit of break lights. westbound 580 coming through the pass in livermore. all the way out towards the dublin inter change. we can show you what it looks like. things are moving but those speeds are below 40 miles per hour in a lot of spots. westbound highway 4, a lot of slow traffic here. under 25 minutes per hour as you pass a street. and we start to see some improvement. spare the air day, may have just mentioned this. you are encouraged to use mass transit and everything's been on time this morning. here's another good reason to use mass transit, let's get a check of the bay bridge. no metering lights but should be turned on here within the next five to ten minutes. the delays are growing in the cash lanes. the middle lanes are fast track lanes and everything looks good. that is traffic, back to you guys >
and the detroit mayor have a bet, the winner will go to the other city and do community service. for more, go to website, eye giants. 6:04. let's check weather. >> game 2 tonight. what do you think, lawrence? >> i think we're looking okay. i don't think any threat of rainfall at all tonight. so it looks like it will be dry for the world series. if you are heading out it will be cool. we are seeing damp weather early on this morning as we are seeing light sprinkles moving through. our hi-def doppler picking up on some of that as it slides by and this is a hit-and-miss with low-level moisture. santa cruz mountains you can see that on 17. we are expecting light sprinkles there as well. the roads are going to be slick to start the day. but by the afternoon, the clouds are going to part and the temperatures are going to warm up nicely today. numbers right now mainly in the 50s with mostly cloudy skies. i think as we get toward the afternoon, high pressure builds in. the temperatures start to warm up. in fact, it will be warmer than yesterday as we'll see those temperatures soaring up int
. flames are shooting out of a popular restaurant in the city's west portal neighborhood and the muni tunnel is now being shut down. we have team coverage with elizabeth in traffic. >> in traffic. but first we are going right to cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran on the scene with the very latest. cate what can you tell us. >> reporter: i can tell you that the fire started in the squat and gobble popular restaurant here in san francisco. crews are busy battling flames. there's heavy smoke in the air. this restaurant is completely gutted. it is a complete loss for the building here. i can see already dozens of firefighters here on scene trying to tackle this fire. they have been at it for quite a while. crews say that they got the call right at around 4:00, 4:14 this morning and the fire quickly grew to three alarms. flames were shooting up as high as 10 to 20 feet. heavy smoke in the area and now they have set up a perimeter here along west portal. they have shut down as i was talking about that tunnel over here now. as far as the firefighting efforts are concerned, we are about to get an u
, pretty exciting. >> here in the city and oakland too. the as beat the rangers last night. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington at the oakland coliseum where the as got some work to do, could even be better if they could win the next two games. >> reporter: if they win the next two games they could win the division something that people never saw coming at the beginning of the season, the as always seen as the underdog but they are on a winning streak and the excitement is not over for fans. there is a game tonight at 7:00 against the rangers but it was a big game last night when they beat the rangers 4-3 that clinched that spot in the play- offs. here is the 9th inning strikeout that sealed the deal. >> he got him! he struck him out! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: this was the as' fourth straight win and six of seven. more than 21,000 fans packed the stands last night to see the six-year dry spell end finally. in the clubhouse corks were flying and champagne flowing. >> whoo! >> reporter: looks like fun, doesn't it? and this is a big deal because nobody expected this from the as especi
a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. tornado, south of yuba city. >>> that storm that brought rain to the bay area dropped snow in the sierra. it even unleashed a tornado. the twister in yuba city ripped off shingles off roofs in a sparsely populated area that's dominated by orchards. trees and power lines blown down. nobody was injured. that was the only confirmed tornado but there have been reports of funnel clouds in nearby areas, as well. a little scary up there a little north of sacramento yesterday. >> yeah. it's cool you can see it in the skies. very brave soul. >> it stays up there but when it touches down on the ground, that's when you have trouble. >> let's throw it over to the guy who knows all about it. >> yeah. tornadoes, hail, wild weather around the bay area yesterday. and you know, we're not done yet. still some scattered showers outside but most of those moving into the south bay toward gilroy and morgan hill. south of that more rainfall, chance of widely scattered showers throughout the day today but not a washout. you will see a
usually back up heading toward the pay gates. heading out of hay worth pretty light toward foster city. for more on your forecast, going to be a gorgeous day. here's more. >>> should be a beautiful day. the offshore winds likely to kick in and we're going to see a little heat wave in the bay area. temperatures in the 50s, even 60s around the bay area. dense fog out toward the immediate coastline. otherwise it is nice and clear in the valleys. by this afternoon, mostly sunny skies for everybody and out toward the coastline, maybe a couple low 80s as you head inside the bay and even upper 80s showing us some of the warmer spots inland. warming trend you're going to get temperatures cranked up over the next few days. a mini heat wave coming our way. that begins to break up. tomorrow morning we start out nice and clear can and the temperatures going to sore in a hurry as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. numbers for today, not bad at all. a beautiful day in santa clara. east bay temperatures well into the 80s inland and in the central bay you'll find plenty o of sunshine this afternoon at
and unprepared to confront protestors who tried to reoccupy a camp at city hall. warshaw says he will now watch carefully to see whether the department makes reforms that were recommended in an earlier report that came out this past june. >>> 6:06. let's check the weather. it's freezing in here! >> it cannot be any colder outside than it is under this air-conditioning vent. but not to vent myself, we need earmuffs in the studio. for you folks out the door bring a jacket or sweater. it's going to be chilly compared to yesterday. so we're seeing a lot of 50s, a few low 60s. 60 degrees in oakland. mid-50s in pacifica and about 59 degrees in the north bay in parts of san rafael. if you thought yesterday felt a bit cooler you will notice even more dramatic difference by later on this afternoon. the temperature spread will be anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees cooler this afternoon than what we saw yesterday. we have a sea breeze kicking in and just to give you some examples, santa rosa was in the triple digits on tuesday and then this afternoon's highs only in the low 70s. so it's going to get cooler s
yesterday. the building, which will be at first and mission, will be the city's tallest building at 1,075 feet high. several groups have complained about the shadows the building will cast on public spaces and parks. >>> $20 billion in value gone in minutes. that's what happened at google when a third quarter earnings were released mistakenly hours before the market opened yesterday. the stock's value dropped 9% in minutes. it finishing down about 8%. in premarket trading stocks were flat. after of the closing bell yesterday, microsoft reported lower profits and revenue ahead of its windows 8 launch. >>> you pick the clo shea i'm sure it will stick -- cliche, i'm sure it will stick. the giants' bats are up against the wall after the lopsided loss in game 4 of the national league championship series last night. dennis o'donnell has highlights and reaction from last night's tough loss. >>> reporter: good morning from st. louis. it's going to be do or die for the giants tonight because last evening, tim lincecum gave up two runs in the 1st and was chased in the 5th inning. matt holliday
towards foster city. to our maps, we have alan brooks in mobile 5 southbound on the nimitz. he just got through the maze southbound on 880 driving through oakland where it's a smooth ride all the way towards hayward right now. elsewhere it is very slow and go once again through antioch. no surprises, just your usual commuter traffic here and then it improves towards the pittsburg-bay point area. once again oakland as we have been talking about this, this morning so this could impact the evening commute home. oakland as versus tigers first pitch, 6:37. so just want to give you a quick live look near the coliseum. right now, everything is pretty quiet northbound and southbound of 880. wider look and your drive time is 16 minutes northbound 880 between 238 and the maze, mass transit on time. that is your "timesaver traffic." for more on your forecast and doppler, here's lawrence. >> it's been a wild couple of days around the bay area. had some thunderstorms popping up, reports of some big-time hail this morning, fairly quiet early on although we have had some showers move through overnight
today in the giselle esteban murder trial. the union city mother is charged with killing nursing student michelle le. le disappeared from hayward kaiser last may. her body was found in a remote area four months later. >>> san bruno residents affected by the 2010 pipeline explosion have collected more than 200 signatures in their petition to oust the president of the california public utilities commission. they are upset by the cpuc's decision to suspend public hearings, which were to determine how much pg&e will be fined for the 2010 blast that killed 8 and injured dozens. >>> the giants came up big again last night winning game 6 of the nlcs. >> pagan... game over, game 7 tomorrow night. >> and bring it on. giants beat the cards 6-1. the question, can they do it one more time? five elimination games, they are 5-0. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran over at a soggy at&t park where we look back and now we look ahead too. >> reporter: frank, that's right. we're look ahead, looking forward. i asked lawrence, is it going to rain during the game? he mentioned earlier, we're expecting a few scattere
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